Toy Poodle Rescue
PO Box 274
Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Available Dogs
Foster homes needed


Toy Poodle Rescue is in desperate need of more foster homes for our Poodles. We have Poodles waiting to come into our rescue and are receiving calls every day of needy Poodles needing to be rehomed and we need more space for them.
Please consider being a foster home for a needy Poodle

Needy does not mean sick it means the Poodle needs a safe place to lay down it's head at night and food in their tummy, knowing he/she is loved until a new home can be found.

Here is how it works; We provide everything you will need, food, grooming, vet care, hair bows (just kidding, well maybe) you provide the home and the love until a forever home is found. You get to input on what your foster Poodle needs in a new forever home and come with us to meet the approved applicants. Our foster homes and volunteers are well respected and never pressured, and you can speak with other fosters and volunteers to see how we work, we are a great bunch of people who love Poodles/dogs and want to help and be a part of a great team. (Don't tell the Poodles but we have fun too getting together, we tell them it is all business but a lot of laughing and eating usually takes place).

We prefer not to foster to homes with young children for their safety and the dogs. If you are interested please fill out an adoption application, putting Foster parent in the preferences section. A Poodle will love you for it and we will thank you just as much!