Toy Poodle Rescue
PO Box 274
Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Available Dogs

Adoption Process & Application

Please read our adoption process before filling out your application.

Adopting one of our Poodles

Adoption fees range from $0-$600 depending on the age, size and vetting the dog has required, although we need to cover our bills, we would always work with a family to place the perfect dog into the perfect home, so please talk to us.


We ONLY adopt to homes within a 75 mile radius of Dover, MA, as we do a home visit for every dog we place. We do not allow anyone to do our home visits for us. If you do not live within the 75 mile radius, DO NOT APPLY. We do not respond to any invalid applications.

We are not a shelter, all of our Poodles are in private foster homes in Massachusetts and therefore we cannot allow potential adopters to visit dogs. The way we work is, you fill out an application and we do reference checks to be able to approve your application. Then if we have a Poodle that matches your needs and the criteria needs of the Poodle we will come and do a home visit, bringing the Poodle you are looking to adopt or if that is not possible (just had surgery) we bring another Poodle/dog with us to do the home visit, we never leave the dog the same day. This process can be arranged fairly quickly, to get the Poodle into its new home in the shortest period of time. Please know, no matter what we ALWAYS do a home visit WITHOUT EXCEPTION prior to you adopting a Poodle so please be truthful on your application.

If it does not say ADOPTED next to the Poodles name the Poodle is available for adoption, Please do not call to ask if the dog is available.

We always put a full description of the Poodle and its current and approximate adult weight (if puppy). It is important to read the descriptions of each dog and only apply to adopt a Poodle that matches your circumstances. Our policy is if there are children in the home you must have a fully fenced in yard (no gaps or holes) attached to the home, without exception. If the description says the Poodle needs a fenced in yard then that is exactly what that particular dog needs and there is no way of getting round that. If the description says that the Poodle needs to be in an only dog home that means we will not place that dog with another dog. If we state that the Poodle needs a home without children less than a certain age then that will be the only types of homes we will consider, for both the safety of the dog and child/children. All of our Poodles are FULLY vetted and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Fully vetted means; any vaccinations needed including Rabies, distemper/parvo or Titers. Heartworm/Lyme test are done. Blood work will be done prior to any surgery or dental cleaning.

We DO NOT adopt our Poodles to people who want to breed EVER!!

We DO NOT adopt to homes that have any un-neutered or un-spayed pets EVER!! (unless you have a medical reason endorsed by your veterinarian)

Please educate yourselves about the need to spay and neuter your pets and how very important to their health it is.hollylilytherapy

We LOVE adopting to seniors and LOVE when they want to adopt an older dog who has lost the puppy stage and needs a quieter life and a warm lap. Please consider adopting an older Poodle.
The oldest Poodle on record was 27 years old, Poodles live VERY long lives with good nutrition and care, so for adoption, the age of the dog has to be relevant to the age of the adopter, we want to place these Poodles into their last home so we would not want them out living or out homing (going into assisted living that does not allow pets) their human and leaving the dog behind to have to be rehomed again. Many of our older Poodles come from homes where the owner has gone into a nursing home, assisted living or has passed on and the dog is left and the children cannot take it due to their lifestyle or have their own pets, so they end up in rescue. Please be considerate of the age of the dog you want to adopt relative to your own age so the dog stays with you for the rest of it's life. Poodles/dogs grieve just like humans and some never get over loosing their care giver, so please only consider adopting a Poodle that you are able to care for, for the rest of it's life. We DO NOT allow the transfer of ownership of the dog, so all dogs adopted must be returned to the rescue if it cannot stay in it's adopted home.

Please go to our Senior page to read all about adopting an older dog and my personal experiences.

Our Poodles go home with a kennel (if we feel it is needed) a bed or blanket, toys, a bag of all natural food the Poodle is currently on, canned food and heartworm medication for the next month. Their paperwork to show all vaccinations/Titers administered to date and a Rabies certificate is sent in a 'history' folder with them. We keep in constant contact with you for several days to see how everything is going and then we encourage you to call us and keep in touch. If you have any questions no matter how small we are always here to answer them and seeing as we have had Poodles and rescues many years we usually have the answer or if not we will research it and get back to you quickly.

How to proceed to adopt one of our Poodles

At the bottom of this page you can click on the adoption application button, please fill out all of the fields, it is design for you to give us as much information as you want, rather than just yes and no answers.
For instance, If you have more than one vet in the past please give us that information. We use the information you supply on this application to determine if you are a match for one of our dogs, so please be honest and forthright so we can make the right match.
Please provide information for the spouse, partner or advocate in the second allotted contact.
If we ask for a home number, that is different from your cell phone, there is a place for both.
Sometimes people see a dog but their circumstances do not match the need of the dog and are not truthful on the application to get that dog. We are VERY thorough and do extensive reference checks, if we find out someone has been dishonest on their application our legal contract that is signed at adoption, allows for us to remove the dog in these cases.

Thank you.

Any incomplete application, missing information cannot be considered. We cannot add anything to your submitted application, so it needs to be complete when you submit it.

We hear all too often about people applying to other rescue groups and paying to submit an application and then never hearing back from them, that does not happen with us. Our application is totally FREE to fill out and submit, we do not believe in getting donations that way. When we receive your application you will receive back an email from us letting you know it has been delivered to us. We have a phone number where you can call and if we are not there leave a message and someone will call you back. We return ALL calls, but please give us time to process your application. If you do not hear back from us it is because we do not have a dog that is a match or we are currently working on an application for the specific dog you have applied for, or your application was incomplete.
If in doubt give us a call 508-533-8251 we are always happy to chat with you.

After filling out the application, call your vet and groomer immediately to give unlimited permission for us to speak to them regarding your application.

Policies and Good Manners

We are one of the few rescue groups that list a phone number and for the most part answer their phone, we believe it is important to answer enquiries and to be here for anyone who needs us. The reason many groups do not follow that policy is because people call with questions that have already been described in the dogs bio or to ask if the dog is still available for adoption? If the dog does not say adopted then it is still available. These calls drain our resources and we ask that you only call if you have a legitimate question.

We would also ask that if you have been denied adoption for whatever reason you try to understand these decisions are always based on what is in the best interest of the dogs and not personal issues. We understand that you are trying to adopt a dog rather than purchase one, BUT it does not mean that you will automatically be the right match or what we feel would be the right home and circumstance for that particular dog. Please understand that applying to adopt a certain dog does not mean that you will automatically be successful. We reserve the right to only adopt to homes that we feel would be the best match for the dog and to refuse adoption to anyone.
Please understand, if this was your dog/Poodle that we were trying to find a new home for you would want us to go to the ends of the earth and be extremely particular to find the right match and home for it and that is exactly what we do here!

Thank you for your understanding.

We cannot process applications that do not answer EVERY relevent question it is a legal document and we cannot add to it once it is submitted so do not leave anything off as you would have to fill out another application, so please be thorough. If a question does not apply to you use N/A (not applicable) or if you do not have an email or cell phone number etc write NONE, or answer YES or NO or type in relevent information. We do not respond to incomplete applications. or applications that do not meet the requirement for adoption needs of the dog you are applying for.

Thank you.


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