Toy Poodle Rescue
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Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Available Dogs

Available Dogs

Pi-help needed


I'm a cutie

Dr Gena Silver, Pi's Neurologist


My pretty pink neck brace


Pi is a 3.8lb, 10 month old, apricot Poodle, her story is very sad. She was purchased from a very poor breeder to breed but surrendered to Toy Poodle Rescue once she exhibited she was in pain. Unfortunately for Pi, she has a spinal issue, where her spine is not aligned and she has to wear a brace ongoing seeing the neurologist on a monthly basis. She also has two bad back knees, which will need surgery after her spine is better. We are asking for donations for Pi to help pay for her upcoming surgeries. Thank you. She is not available for adoption currently.


Donations have been received from: 

Jane East and Lily
Nicky Mcdermid
Colleen Moran
Karen-Ann Huntoon
Laurah Lennon
Linda Bjorn

Melissa Ralston-Wynn
Diane Schmid
Karen Freda
Natalija Zirojevic
Kimberly Rimbold
Jane Tipton Oesterling

MaryAnn Archambo
Marie Diomede
Kathryn Pickford - So glad she landed with you, Sue. Love, Kate, Ginger, Izzy, Jellybean, Mouse, Doodlebug, and Jasper
Marian Brent







Adoption Donation $500

Meri is an AKC registered, Female snow white Toy Poodle she is 7lbs, born 10/24/13. She has excellent bloodlines. Meri is a sweet and gentle little girl who loves to play with other same size and energy level dogs. She is a love and will snuggle up with you. She is a gentle soul that wants to be with you. Meri is very shy and will not go potty on a leash, so needs a physical fully fenced in yard.

The perfect home would be someone home to pay attention to her. Her best friend is Lyllie Mae and they would love to be adopted together.

Requirements for Adoption:

  • No children, I am too tiny and very fine boned
  • Please be home some or all of the day
  • No pets currently in the home bigger than 10lbs
  • Fenced in yard required, WITHOUT EXCEPTION
  • We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles, please go to our Nutrition and Care page to learn what that means.
Lyllie Mae


I am a very loyal lady


Look at my beautiful red coat


I listen really well


Adoption donation $450
Lyllie Mae was born on 9/9/12  and is a small Mini Poodle at 11lbs.
Lyllie Mae was surrendered to Toy Poodle Rescue due to a broken leg as a puppy and the owners could not afford to pay for her to be treated. As you can see we took over her care and she is doing wonderful. She is fully recovered as the video shows. We also had Lyllie Mae Spayed and her teeth cleaned. She is an amazing little girl, she has not skipped a beat and her cast did not slow her down, she loves playing with toys and other dogs and has a gentle and very sweet personality. Lyllie Mae is a typical young dog and is very playful and is well trained and listens well. She is not a biter and can be trusted not to 'get into things'. She sleeps right next to you in the big bed and after cookie time settles right down to sleep and does not move for the rest of the night. Lyllie is also totally potty trained and has excellent manners. A beautiful red coat, she is well bred and has her ACA papers (American Canine Association). She is an extremely affectionate Poodle and loves to snuggle up with you.

It is VERY important for Lyllie Mae be able to run off leash so she does not develope arthritis in the leg that was fractured, if you watch the video she loves to run and we don't want to take that away from her. Dog parks are not acceptable. She needs her own safe yard to run in.

Please note we are in Massachusetts and only adopt to a 75 mile radius of Dover, MA. Please DO NOT APPLY if you live out of the area. We do home visits for every dog we place and cannot go further than a 150 mile round trip. We do not accept photo's, videos, or anyone else doing our home visits.

Requirements for Adoption

  • No Children under 18 years old
  • Someone must be home some or all of the day
  • A Fully Physical Fenced in yard required WITHOUT EXCEPTION  so she can run and play off leash
  • Another dog in the home to play with must be 15lbs and under, no large dogs.
  • My best friend is Meri and we would love to be adopted together if you don't have another dog
  • We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles, please go to our Nutrition and care page to understand what this means.




Adoption fee $300

Nico is 9 years old and 6lbs, a tiny little boy who loves to snuggle up and lap sit on any available lap. Nico finds himself looking for a new home due to an unexpected baby arrival and it would be too much for this little guy to bear. He is used to being the number one and getting all the attention and love. Nico like a quiet home with not too much going on and would love a senior retired person/s who think he is the bees knees and take him everywhere with then, he does not act spoiled he just wants to be treated as such and in return you will have his totally loyalty and love. He needs his human companion as much as we are hoping someone out there needs him. Nico is tiny so stairs would not be good, he can do a few up and down to outside but not a full flight. So one level living would be best. Nico is healthy and happy and loves to go for little walks around the garden or quiet places. He told us to tell you he is also very handsome!

Requirements for adoption

No children I am too tiny
Please be retired so I can spend lots of time with you and go where you do.
No cats, I will be very afraid of them
Please be prepared to take an integrative approach to vet care and all natural nutrition