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Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Fund Raiser - Have a heart, save a dog keyrings

These beautiful keyrings are made by our fundraisning team of volunteers. Made from beautiful glass and metal 
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Many colors available, every keyring comes with a heart (for the dog saved) attached.

Suggested donation is $13 which includes postage in the USA.

Credit cards and paypal accepted by clicking the donate button if you would like to pay by check please email us by clicking here.

Available Dogs

Available Dogs


Travis down from 18.1lbs to 11.8lbs


In the hospital I was so weak I could not lift up my

head and they gave me a blood transfusion

Travis 18.1lbs

Travis ws born on 5/28/2006 he is nearly 8 years old. Travis was taken to his vet office to be euthanized, due to peeing in the home. It was discovered that he had untreated diabetis. The vet refused to euthanizes him and called us. Travis then went to Mass vet referral in Woburn and was in intensive care for many days. Poor Travis was very overweight and once stabalised he went into his foster home and on weight watchers. Travis is now down to 11.8lbs and is doing fantastic. He is regualted on his insulin which is two shots a day, he could care less and is only interested in the cookie he gets after his shot. Insulin costs $25 every two months and needles are $14 for 100. Travis is a very happy and healthy boy, he loves to go for walks, I mean REALLY loves to walk, it's as if becuase he has been overweight most of his life he has found a whole new him and lifestyle. No longer a couch potato, he is excited everyday about playing and getting out and visiting. All of the doctors and nurses that have helped Travis absolutely love him. Travis's gosl is to greet everyone with his same happy exuberance, there isn't a human or animal that he doesn't love. Travis lives in his foster home with a cat, so other dogs and cats are fine with Travis, the more the merrier!

Please give this little guy a chance, we did, and got him to where he needed to be medically and now he just needs a wonderful home, who will love and care for him.
We have purchased a blood glucose meter for him that will go with him to his new home.

Donations have been gratefully received from;
Sue (President)
Richard Ogden The Dog Father
SallyAnn Janulevicus
Elizabeth Palmer
Suzanne Brodie from Australia
Laurel Schneider
Michelle Grossman
Patricia Mchugh
The Fitzpatrick Family
Anne Laquidara
Felicia Gervais
Christine Harris
Patricia DeMaria-Bocchino
Ann Barnett
Cathy Palmer
Nicky Mcdermid
Melanie Pagliarulo
Maureen Walsh
Patricia Demaria-Bocchino
Diana Breed
Martha dn Bob Barnes
Karen Lubitz
Christine Harris
Orlando Diaz from Puerto Rico
Joan Mier
Deborah Fallon with love and poodle kisses from Emma T Pockets, Taffy Apple, Mary Poopins, Miss Vicki, Pixie (a poodle wanna be) and Debbie
Shelly Langen-David
Richard Ogden - The Dog Father - a second donation for Travis
James Chan
Vito Pagliarulo - A Christmas present for his wife Melanie Pagliarulo XX
Christine Harris - In Memory of spud
Danielle Breithaupt
Michelle DeRoeck
Jessica Sears
Christine Harris - Happy New Year Travis from Christine
The Connors Family
Richard Ogden, The Dog father
Christine Harris






Chloe is a 12 year old and a 10lb Poodle. Chloe is all better and now available for adoption. New pictures and video coming soon

Chloe's owner contacted us to surrender Chloe as she could not afford to vet her and Chloe was lame in her front right leg. Rather than have Chloe surrendered we agreed to pay for her consult and medication to see what was going on and to hopefully keep Chloe in her home.

Sadly it was not to be as Chloe was not getting better and her owner lived on a second floor and could not carry her up and down. So Chloe came to Toy Poodle Rescue.

Chloe has seen several specialist and to no avail. Chloe has inflamation in her elbow that is resistant to medications so far. Here at Toy Poodle Rescue we will not give up and plan to start acupuncture to see if that will help. We will also be going to see a totally holistic vet to get her on the right supplements to boost her immune system. Chloe is otherwise healthy and full of spunk, she acts like a 5 yr old and gets around really well. We will do everything we can rather than amputate her leg. Please help us to do that.

1/17/2014 update: Chloe is now all better, she is not limping and is playing and feeling good. Supplements, accupuncture, time, and rest has been amazing for this little girl who would surely have had to have her leg amputated had we not seen past the diagnosis and tried other things.

Donations have been gratefully received from:

Richard The Dogfather
Karen Lubitz
Ronald Smith
Jane Melisaratos
Norris F. Bjork Jr
K L Williams
Nancy Reynolds
Melanie Pagliarulo
Amy Richard
Christine Harris
Pam Vartigan

Thank you! 


Griffin is a registered AKC male Toy Poodle. He was born on 11/16/2008 making him 5 1/2 years old. He is very shy boy that takes a few days to come out of his shell, once he does and trusts you he is a playful happy fellow who loves other dogs and toys and being loved. He has a natural tail and has a beautiful coat, very good manners and is as sweet as sweet can be. He is extremely loyal and follows his foster Mom everywhere. He is cream with apricot on his ears and nose. We think that Griffin would be best as an only dog so he can have undivided attention.

Requirements for adoption

Please only work part time or be home

Take me for walks and let me sit and sleep with you

Fenced in yard required (without exception)

We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles


Daisy is a beautiful cream Mini Poodle, approx 5 years old, 14 lbs and totally potty trained. Daisy is a gentle and very nice girl, she likes other dogs buit we feel she would be better as an only dog who can get all the attention. She loves to go for walks and ride in the car and would be the perfect companion. She has a beautiful coat as you can see in the picturesshe is a very royal looking poodle that takes everything in her stride. Daisy has been used to a fenced in yard, but would be adoptable to a home that would walk her on a regular basis. Children over 8 years old would enjoy Daisy to play with as long as they had a fenced in yard.

Requirements for adoption

Be home some or all of the day

Children over 8 years old but must have a fenced in yard (without exception)

If no children in the home must walk on a regular basis if not fence

Daisy sleeps on the big bed

We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles


Rosie is a beautiful little Poodle, she was born on 2/17/05 so she is 9 years old. Rosie's owner went into a retirement home but Rosie was well cared for and is just the nicest little girl with a wonderful personality. Rosie's owner used to overfeed her so Rosie is on weight watchers and has lost about 3lbs already. Rosie has a little cyst on her chest that we are having removed and as soon as her stitches are out she will be available but we are accepting applications for her now. Rosie is potty trained and has excellent manners and is very gentle. She just wants to be a comapnion to a senior person.

Requirements for adoption


Please be home most or all of the day

Like to go for walks to keep her newly trim figure in shape

Let me sleep and sit with you

We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles


Kaelei is a tiny little Maltipoo she is just under 8lbs and is as sweet as can be. She was born on 10/8/05 making her 8 1/2 years old. She ia a very happy little girl. Kaelei has a luxating patella in her back right leg and when we she was surrendered she was limping. We had an appointment set up to get her knee fixed but we found after not doing flights of stairs and gentle walks the limp was gone. So we are looking for a home in Massachusetts only with one florr living with no flights of stairs (one or two are fine). If she needed surgery down the road, we would arrange and pay for that. We believe this may never be an issue, but we will be here if that needs to be done. Kaelei is totally potty trained to go outside and on a pad. She loves to sleep with her human and sit on their lap.

Requirements for adoption

Please live on one floor

Able to take her for walks

Home most or all of the day

We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles


Autumn is a very sweet and gentle little girl born 10/11/04 so she is just over 9 years you would not know that though, Autumn is a happy and energetic girl who loves to go for walks and be outside. She is totally potty trained and loves to snuggle. She is not a barker and gets along with other small dogs like her. She is the perfect Poodle and is looking for a quiet home with someone who is around to love on her.

Requirements for adoption

A quiet home without children

Someone home some or all of the day for snuggles

Please let me sleep on the big bed with you

We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles


Lyllie Mae

Look at my beautiful red coat

After running in the snow

Playing in the snow is fun


We are now accepting applications for Lyllie Mae.

Lyllie Mae was born on 9/9/12  and is a small Mini Poodle at 11lbs.
Lyllie Mae was surrendered to Toy Poodle Rescue due to her leg getting badly broken and the owners could not afford to pay to her her treated. As you can see we took over her care and she is doing wonderful. It will be several weeks before hse is recovered enough to abe adopted therefore we are not accepting applications at this time, but keep an eye out for the updates as we get clearance from her surgeon. We also had Lyllie Spayed and her baby teeth removed. She is an amazing little girl, she has not skipped a beat and her cast has not slowed her down, she loves playing with toys and other dogs and has a gentle and very sweet personality. Lyllie Mae is a typical puppy and is very playful and will need obedience training to learn good manners. She is not a biter and can be trusted not to 'get into things'. She sleeps right next to you in the big bed and after cookie time settles right down to sleep and does not move for the rest of the night. Lyllie is also totally potty trained and has excellent manners. A beautiful red coat, she is well bred and has her ACA papers (American Canine Association)
We are desperate to raise funds to pay for her vet bills as her repair was very expensive and will be around $5,000 when we have finished with pyhsio therapy. Please consider donating to her care. You can click on the Black Poodle doantion button above. Thank you.

*Update* 4/16/13
Lyllie Mae is doing well and has had a cast/bandage change and her stitches out, she will have xrays in 4 weeks to see how the growth plate has accepted her metal sliding plate to allow for growth and healing. 

*update* 5/4/13
Lyllie Mae went back to Angell Memorial under the care of Dr Russell Kalis yesterday to have x-rays to make sure the bone had healed well and correctly and have her bandages removed. Lyllie got a clean bill of health and is completely recovered.
We have to thank Dr Kalis for the amazing job he did for Lyllie Mae when others wanted to amputate the leg or euthanize her!

*update* 6/30/13
Oh oh Lyllie started limping so back we went to see Dr Kalis and it was found that she has developed some scar tissue which is stopping the free flowing movement of her ankle joint. Hydro therapy is in order so we have started seeing Suzi Starr at paws in Motion for some hydro and physio therapy, Suzi is the best and Lyllie Mae is doing great. We will be holding off on her adoption until we get the all clear from her vet.

*update* 8/22/13
So off we went for a second opinion to Dr Pastor at Mass Vet referal as I was not satisfied that Lillie Mae was doing so great and then limping again. So what had happend was the pins that were inserted to strengthen the bone were now irritating her and causing a problem. We had them removed a month ago and whola she is now perfect as the new photo shows. We also put up a video of her running and playing tag with her friend Pat the Puppy. So Lillie Mae is all healed and ready for her new home. We don't anticipate any other issues. She is now perfect!

*update* 11/1/13
Pat was Lyllie Maes best friend and playmate and she is a little sad without him. We hope to find her a home with another buddy ans a human is home most of the day for company and continue her training. She is running as fast as ever and would love a fenced in yard to be able to run and play off leash.

*update* 3/9/14
Lyllie Mae is waiting for her new home, we have had a lot of enquires but no-one met all the requirements for adoption and the main one is a fenced in yard so she can exercise and run free off leash as well as going for leash walks. She is patiently waiting for that call from her forever home.
Requirements for Adoption

  • No Children under 18 years old
  • Someone must be home some or all of the day
  • Fenced in yard required without exception
  • If another dog is in the home must be 15lbs and under, no large dogs, we prefer there be a second dog or a human home all day
  • Be willing to go to obedience training classes
  • We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles

We thank everyone for your kind donations, our supporters are amazing and help us to take in these special need dogs that would other wise be euthanized. Thank you!

Donations have been received from

Alice O'Connor
Christine Harris
Lesley Allen in Memory of Chloe
Linda Bouchard in Memory of Gloria Davis
Debbie Kleckner - Paradise Poochie in honor of Sunshine
Vivien Eisenstat
Laurrie Maloney
Pam Vartigan Trembley in rememberance of Carol Horton's poodle, Shelby
Peggy Rands
Beth Corr
Beth Corr in memory of Liz Palmer's Digby
Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg
Patricia DeMaria-Bocchino
Susan Cronin
Karen Lubitz and Rafi in memory of Ben Doggie
Melanie Pagliarulo in memory of Ben Doggie
Cute Paper Inc
Richard Ogden-The Dogfather 
Leslie Madge
Pat Pereira
Emily Loeb
Cathy Ochrym
Dorothy Murrin
The Bieniek's
The McDermid's
Stephen Vasil
Suzan Scott in honor of Chloe
Melanie Pagliarulo 
K L Williams
Phillip Gabler
Diane LaRoche
Diana Breed
Pattiemarie Wilson
The Fitzpatrick Family
John Cotreau
Pam Vartigan Tremblay
Natalija Zirojevic
Pamela Di Pasquale
Karen Forber
Katherine Barber
Terrilyn McCarthy
John Badertscher
Maureen McCarthy & Brittany Skork
Diane Costagliola
Patricia Braden
Melanie Schrader
Martin Kinsman
Charlene Broadhurst
Debra Kushner
Rebecca Dickson
Cherie Baccari




Adoption donation $0 Timmy is in our senior to senior program

Timmy is a a wonderful 11 year old, male, Mini 13lbs Blue (charcoal grey) Poodle. Timmy is a gentleman, he has perfect manners and a gentle and kind disposition. Timmy's story is a sad one though. Timmy was owned by a gentleman who took wonderful care of him for all his life. Then we received the call from a friend and neighbor that Timmy's Dad was in the hospital and not doing well. They neighbors took care of Timmy but called us to see what could be done. We did not have a foster home open at that time and told them to call back if things became desperate and the other Poodle Rescue would not help. Well a week later we received the call that Timmy's Dad had passed away and the other Poodle Rescue would not help. We jumped into action and took Timmy immediately! What an amazing Poodle Timmy is,  his goal is to be close to his huiman, he gravitates to his foster Mom and will lay down close by. Timmy likes other dogs and has such a gentle disposition he will be fine with cats as well. Timmy has cateracts and although we considered removing them we are concerned as he still can see and goes up and down 3 or 4 stairs and we are worried he could lose that ability if the surgery was not sucessful. Our goal is to get him into a new home and then if the family wanted to do the cateract surgery once he had mapped out their home we would pay for it. The first step is to get him comfortable in a new environment first. Timmy has been given a dental cleaning and is otherwise a very healthy and handsome boy who's Daddy truly loved him and took fantastic care of him

Requirements for adoption

  • Please be home most of the day (retired) as Timmy is a fantastic companion right by your side
  • Not too many steps for him to climb
  • Please let me sleep on the big bed next to you (my Dad did)
  • Like to go for walks, don't let my age fool you, I can do it if you can
  • Please have an integrated approach to vet care and healthy nutrition for me