Toy Poodle Rescue
PO Box 274
Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Available Dogs



Adoption fee $300

Nico is 9 years old and 6lbs, a tiny little boy who loves to snuggle up and lap sit on any available lap. Nico finds himself looking for a new home due to an unexpected baby arrival and it would be too much for this little guy to bear. He is used to being the number one and getting all the attention and love. Nico like a quiet home with not too much going on and would love a senior retired person/s who think he is the bees knees and take him everywhere with then, he does not act spoiled he just wants to be treated as such and in return you will have his totally loyalty and love. He needs his human companion as much as we are hoping someone out there needs him. Nico is tiny so stairs would not be good, he can do a few up and down to outside but not a full flight. So one level living would be best. Nico is healthy and happy and loves to go for little walks around the garden or quiet places. He told us to tell you he is also very handsome!

Requirements for adoption

No children I am too tiny
Please be retired so I can spend lots of time with you and go where you do.
No cats, I will be very afraid of them
Please be prepared to take an integrative approach to vet care and all natural nutrition