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Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
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My family and I cannot be happier with our experience working with Sue at Toy Poodle Rescue.  We recently lost our 15 year old poodle/bichon mix and our house and hearts felt empty.  While "poking around" on-line I happened to come across the Toy Poodle Rescue out of Dover, MA and saw the new love of our lives...Joleen!  I read her story about her heart condition and surgery and thought "wow, someone really cares about the life of this dog". I wondered if she would be difficult to adopt out because people might think she was not healthy.  My husband and I adopted our daughter with a similar heart condition and she is now a healthy teenager!  I started getting excited and thinking "I have to have this dog".  I sent an email to Sue who immediately responded asking me to call her.  I filled out the application and things started rolling from there. Within a couple of weeks, Sue was visiting my home with Joleen and I quickly learned that it didn't matter how badly my family wanted this beautiful dog, Sue was going to make sure the adoption was a good fit and that Joleen would be placed in the proper home. I'm so thankful we are that home! It was evident that Sue truly cares about her dogs and will not place them if she feels it is not a good fit.  Sue has taught us so much about vet care and feeding and really helped the transition process by checking in throughout the first two weeks.  Even after the adoption was final, I called Sue with a question/concern about Joleen's eating and she knew exactly what to do...and was right!!  Joleen is so happy and healthy and fills our lives with playfulness and love.  We are grateful to Sue and to all the people who helped Joleen get her heart surgery.  We would like to encourage anyone who is looking for a new family member to consider adopting from Toy Poodle Rescue, and don't shy away from any dog that may have a disability or medical condition, they have lots of love to give.  Sue will make sure your home is the right fit, and if it is, she'll help you along the way.



My family and I would like to thank Sue at Toy Poodle Rescue for bringing us together with Doodle. She is a wonderful little girl who clearly came from a very loving home. Doodle is a perfect fit for our family and has given our first rescue Poodle, Ani, whose background was one of neglect and abuse, the companionship she needed to take another major step in her healing process.
Working with TRP was an enjoyable and educational experience. We cannot say enough great things about Sue's unconditional dedication to animals and commitment to placing them with just the right familes. And we take great comfort in knowing that our relationship with TPR is not over now that the adoption process has been completed.









Travis down from 18.1lbs to 11.8lbs


In the hospital I was so weak I could not lift up my

head and they gave me a blood transfusion

Travis 18.1lbs









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Neddy is absolutely the sweetest dog I have ever met, wonderful personality - I just love him.  He's the perfect match for Shadow (my 3 year old Mini Poodle).  If they didn't have to sleep and eat they would play 24/7.  Neddy's a smart little guy.  After showing him twice, he learned to tap the sleigh bells (on the door knob) to signal he has to go out to do his business.  He follows me everywhere and I LOVE IT!!  If I ever decide to have another pup in my life, I would go through Toy Poodle Rescue again.  Sue's knowledge and dedication to the dogs is heartwarming.  Thank you Sue and Toy Poodle Rescue for allowing this adorable bundle of joy into my life and Shadow's too.  I feel like I hit the lottery, big time!! 

PS - Neddy loves the snow!!!  Good thing he has Shadow to play with in the snow because I'm soooo done with snow.


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