Toy Poodle Rescue
PO Box 274
Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
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Poodles in Tennessee


Toy Poodle Rescue Comments
Sue who runs this wonderful organization has helped me through some rough times.  My health situation required re-homing 3 of my 4 dogs.  2 of the dogs were Chihuahuas and she offered help with them even though they weren’t toy poodles.  I don’t know how many hours she spent listening and advising me and she is a very busy lady.  She is a great listener and has much to offer in the way of help and advice.  My situation is now resolved.  I have never worked with an organization that goes way beyond the extra mile.  This organization is well run and only there to help when a toy poodle needs a new home for whatever reason.  I am so impressed and blessed to have found the organization and Sue.  You can always trust her and find compassion for your situation.
Nancy in TN