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Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

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Rainbow Bridge


Beyond the Rainbow

As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,
I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
I saw a wondrous image then of a place that's trouble-free
Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.
I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side
Were meadows rich and beautiful--lush and green and wide!
And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see
Were animals of every sort as healthy as could be!
My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.
I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I'm alright
That this place is truly wonderful, then a bright Glow pierced the night.
'Twas the Glow of many Candles shining bright and strong and bold
And I knew then that it held your love in its brilliant shades of gold.
For although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

 C.G. 1995



Nino     1997-2012

Nino came into Toy Poodle Rescue when he was 11 years old. He was the most wonderful little gentleman, he was 5 lbs of a wonderful gentle soul. Because of his age no-one wanted to adopt him and he stayed as a forever foster with Toy Poodle Rescue. He was truly our gain, he had a wonderful way with humans and the other dogs. When a new one arrived he always made the effort to get up and go over to say a very gentlemanly Hello, his bed was never empty, every Poodle knew they could share a bed with Nino. We loved him so much but over the last month he was not well and after several vet visits we knew we were running out of options. Nino passed in Sue's arms knowing he was loved and cared for. We will miss him so much, Nino loved to roll in the grass and we know he is doing that right now. We will come for you at the Rainbow Bridge my sweet boy. We love you so.


 Dandylion      2000-2012


Dandylion was such a wonderful companion to the family I work for and myself, she will be so missed. She had a wonderful life hiking the mountains of Vermont and being with her family. She was always in the car to get the children from school and waiting and watching for her owners when they came home from work. She was the caretaker of the family. 
This is a picture of Dandylion enjoying Houdini's Birthday Party, she was so tolerate of all the Poodles who came to her home, ate her food and drank her water.
We will miss you Dandy, now run and be pain free and we will see you again when we come to get you at the Rainbow Bridge, have fun playing with Gigi, Houdini and Tiffy
We love you so.

Gigi      1995-2011


Gigi was rescued by Sue (President) and her husband Gary when Gigi was 5 years old, Gigi loved her Dad, Sue was not needed unless Gary was not around, then and only then did she want Sue. She was a beautiful girl and her loyalty to Gary was unwavering to the end. She loved cookies and would do anything for one, her previous owners had taught her to beg and she would automatically sit up on her two back legs to get the attention and to be sure to get a cookie. She had so much self esteem and carried herself with confidence and grace. Her little heart gave out after 16 years and we will miss her terribly, she was a leader dog in our home for the other Poodles and for us. Our hearts are broken over losing our Gigi.
Run Gigi, like you used to and once again those ears will fly in the breeze, Mommy and Daddy will come to get you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is our time. Know we loved you so so much. Goodbye my girl.  



Bo          1997-2011


Bo came into our lives shortly after I retired. He had been abused and was then rescued by Sue, who gave him several months of love and care to help get him ready for a new home. Sue told us that he would want to be with us in the same room, but would want to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed … not in the bed.  She said he would never go to a man and that we should be very careful with him around children.
We could only pat him gently on the head, as he would get very agitated if we touched him back beyond his shoulders. Bo became a loving member of our family. He would growl if anyone trod on his turf too closely, but if one heeded his warning all was fine. Although Sandy was always Bo’s favorite, he came to love me too. It was funny to watch … if I was sitting alone in the living room he would jump up into my lap. If Sandy came in and sat down, Bo would leave me and go over to be with Sandy. If she stood up, he would come back to me. After a few years, if Sandy was distracted by a grandchild, he would stay in my lap even if she was there.
We now have eight grandchildren. Four of them were born after we adopted Bo. He loved the infants, getting right up beside them as soon as they came home from the hospital. All eight came to know and love him, respecting his boundaries. The cats and dogs in the family also were befriended by Bo, who was happy to be with all of them, unless they were too puppyish.
Bo loved to go geocaching with us, taking long hikes in the woods and jumping over amazingly high logs, rocks and other obstacles. He loved rides in the car, “Do want to go too?” being the operative words for him to wait for his harness to be put on and to then jump into the car … usually into Sandy’s lap. And he slept in bed with us every night.
On a trip to Maine, he became restless. The next morning he was tired and slept a lot, although when we said, “Do you want to go too?” he jumped into the car to go shopping with us. That night he was restless, unable to find a comfortable place in bed. When his breathing became a little labored, we found an all-night animal hospital an hour away and took him there in the early morning hours. His breathing became more difficult when we got within a few miles of the hospital. We continued to pet him and talk to him when he could no longer breath and went to sleep at the age of 14.
We like to think that we gave him five good final years. But he gave us so much more than we could ever give him.
Sandy and Dick Bo's Mom and Dad



       Houdini        1996-2011        

Houdini was rescued by Sue (President) at four years old because he was a biter, he passed at 15 years old a sweet and gentle boy.

Houdini was a wonderful, kind little boy, he was my shadow, so loyal and attached to his mommy. He became a sweet and gentle boy once shown kindness and a gentle hand. He loved his Poodle brothers and sisters and washed everyone, every night. He watched for me to come home and would not eat until he saw the lights of my car coming and would quickly jump of the couch take a bite of food and then meet me at the door, doing the Poodle dance as only Poodles do. We were never apart until now, Houdini passed in my arms today breaking my heart. Mommy and Daddy love you my boy, we will all be together again when it is time. We love you so much. 


Tigi        1997-2010

Tigi came into Toy Poodle Rescue when he was 11 1/2 years old after his elderly owner passed on, he passed at nearly 14 years old. 

He was such a handsome boy and we loved him so much. Tigi passed today in my arms after a brave battle with heart disease. He was a little old man who loved his routine, he loved to wander the garden with his Poodle friends here at Toy Poodle Rescue. He waited for his cookies every night before bed and always wanted an extra one and usually got it with those pleading soulful eyes. It is a sad day for us, he was such a good boy and never a problem, he loved the other Poodles and shared his bed with many. He loved to be groomed and would stand and let me do anything to him. He will be so missed. Run to your Mommy Tigi she is waiting for you. We love you.


Tiffany        1987-2005


Tiffany was rescued by Sue (President) at 12 years old and passed at 18 years old.

Tiffany was the most wonderful and spunky little Poodle, she filled our lives with joy and wonder, we learned so much from her.

She was a perfect lady with dignity and pride, even though she was blind you would not have know if the coloring of her eyes had not given it away. We are so grateful she came into our lives, we loved her so much and were heartbroken when she passed. Tiffany has left a legacy that our home will never be without a senior Poodle. Run my girl as fast as you want as now you can see everything, we will be with you again in time. We love you.

Tiffany’s story can be read on the senior’s page.