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Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

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The call came one spring night, a voice on the other end of the phone said “I’m calling because someone told me you would never refuse a Poodle in need”. What does one answer to that……….nothing, as you know what comes next is not going to be the best thing you heard all day or week for that matter.

The caller was calling from Long Island New York and we lived on the outskirts of Boston MA, my initial quick thought was how many rescue groups are between us and them who have already refused sanctuary to this Poodle? The Poodle in question was 12 years old, blind and frail and currently in a rescue organization in Long Island who wanted to euthanize her as she was not adoptable!

Tiffany’s Story and Legacy

Tiffany had been in one happy home since puppy hood, she had been loved and well cared for by her owner, the groomer came every three weeks and washed and fluffed her, she was a truly loved Poodle. Over the years Tiffany lost her sight due to cornea detachment which was not operable, she dealt with it well as she was in familiar surroundings with her mommy by her side. That was until her mommy was taken ill and sent to hospital and then on to a permanent rehabilitation hospital and put on a breathing ventilator. At first no one was concerned as one of the workers at Tiffany’s home was put in charge of feeding and making sure she was cared for. After a surprise visit from the power of attorney, they found Tiffany walking in her own excrement, no food or water and almost wasted away. She was frail and very sad, a local rescue group was called and she was transported to their facility, once evaluated she was deemed un-adoptable at 12 and blind and slated to be euthanized.tiffany101

The call we received was from the power of attorney for the woman who owned Tiffany who was now desperate for someone to save her clients Poodle and take her in. After many calls back and forth with the Long Island rescue organization who did not want to relinquish the dog! Tiffany was eventually given back to the person with power of attorney for us to take.

My husband (an angel sent from heaven and the best Poodle daddy) flew down to get Tiffy (her nick name) we were appalled at the site of her, she was so thin and frail, barely able to stand, we were afraid we would lose her before we could help her. Looking back I’m not sure who helped who the most, Tiffany was a spunky little girl who let us know who was boss from day one, a crotchety old lady who told it like it was, if we didn’t pick her up at the first bark indicating she would like to get off the couch for a drink we would hear it, at dinner time, a different bark let us know she was hungry and ready for dinner. She soon had us whipped into shape and trained to know exactly what she wanted and usually it was needed right away. Tiffy made us realize what it means to be blind but not helpless, she could find us in any room in the house, would wander the yard in her expert fashion of tracking every new scent and then putting her mark on it as if checking that spot like homework -/ done! She could navigate the couch and jump on the top of the back as many Poodles do to get to the highest advantage point and sit ‘looking’ out the window, she would do that for hours in between taking twitchy naps where you could envision her chasing squirrels in younger days past or remembering times with her mommy.tiffany1

We often corresponded with her mommy in hospital and sent stories and pictures of Tiffy, her mommy lived for several years until one day I had not received a reply to a recent letter, so I called only to be told that Tiffy’s mommy had passed on, I had never met her but we had shared letters and cards with our single passion of loving Tiffany, I was so sad at her losing her battle and never being able to see her beloved Tiffy again. It was around that time that Tiffy’s health also started to deteriorate, starting with some mild seizures, which we quickly got under control with some medication and natural supplements. It was not to be though Tiffy was now 18 years old, and although still spunky her breathing was a concern and after watching her closely one weekend we made an appointment and it was confirmed she had fluid in her lungs, we rushed her to a specialist in an emergency hospital and had a cat scan done to be told that she had a tumor that was secreting into her lungs and we should consider euthanization now.

We wanted one last night with her, she was walking and seemed happy, but breathing quicker than usual and if anyone knows their dog you know when something is wrong and we knew and did not want her to suffer. It was important for us to take her home and let her be with us and have whatever she wanted for dinner and be around her Poodle siblings and her spot on the couch that she loved. They next morning it was time, she passed gently and quietly running towards the rainbow bridge where she saw her mommy waiting for her who had gone on before to get everything ready knowing just how bossy Tiffy was.

We learned so much from Tiffy, she made us into the people we are today, we see senior dogs in a different light now, not asking how long they will be with us but what will they teach us while we have them and for that we will never be without a senior dog in our lives ever again.tiffany3

We had her with us for six years and though too short we believe we saved two lives that day, Tiffy and her mommy who both lived longer than anyone ever expected and waited for each other at the end.

Tiffy’s legacy and story will live on through my rescue group as a reason to adopt senior dogs that no-one else wants including other rescue groups.

Please consider adopting a senior Poodle, they are usually the dogs that no-one wants, what people don't realize is that Poodles live VERY long lives so at 8-9 years old they may still have another good 8-9 years to live.
I personally own a 17 and 16 year olds and they are healthy and playful while being gentle, snuggly and oh so very grateful and look at us with so much love saying thank you for adopting us in every gaze. I will never be without a senior dog in my home ever again.

Our Senior to Senior program is designed to place senior dogs over 10 years old, into Senior Citizen homes without an adoption fee. This is a wonderful way for a senior person to be able to have the companionship of a senior, needy dog without having any expense but for the normal upkeep of a dog.