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Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
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Surrendering A Dog

If you need to surrender your dog or just need to chat with someone about giving up a dog, please call us Tel: 508-533-8251, if we are not available please leave a message with your phone number and someone 'on call' will get back to you, usually right away. You can also email us. (Emails will be sent immediately to the 'on call' phone also.) Always give your phone number so we may call you back. We help people all over the USA with the surrender of Poodles and small dogs, so even if you are not in our state of Massachusetts, we will help get you to the right place and people that will help you.
We hope that you would call us before taking your dog to a shelter or considering euthanization. We will help in any way we can, we are just a phone call away. WE DO NOT INSIST ON A FEE TO SURRENDER YOUR POODLE. Thank you.

How to choose the right Poodle Rescue Group

We always worry about where a Poodle may go when a family needs to surrender it.
With the economy as it is we have seen more and more Poodles being surrendered and given up due to people losing their homes and jobs. We hope they will always choose a rescue over taking it to a shelter.
But you ALWAYS need to check to make sure the rescue organization is a good one and works hard at what they do.
So how can you tell they are a good rescue organization? Just because a rescue says they are one means absolutely nothing.
Being affiliated with a breed club also means nothing. Most good rescue groups have NO affiliation with a breed club due to it being a conflict of interest with rescue. Breeders breed the dogs that we end up rescuing, so being affiliated with any breed club is not something we endorse or give merit to.

Please make sure when you are surrendering your Poodle/dog that you do your homework and check the rescue organization out thoroughly.
Here are some things that you need to make sure a rescue group will do;

1. Honor your requirements on placing your Poodle.
On our surrender form we ask you about what would be the best situation for your Poodle to go into and we never waver from what you tell us EVER!

2. That if your dogs are a bonded pair thay will keep them together NO MATTER WHAT!
Most rescue groups will not keep bonded pairs together because it take a long time to get two adopted together. People seek out our rescue because we absolutely will never split up a bonded pair!

3. Make sure the rescue group will care for your dog if it got sick while in the rescue program and not euthanize it.
We have known about another rescue group euthanize an older dog because they could not get it adopted!!

4. Placing a dog into a new home cannot be rushed just to get them out of their rescue program, there is no 'timely manner' when placing a dog. It is whatever it takes to find the right match and sometimes that can take a while, we never just place a dog to get it out and make room for the next. Our job is to find the RIGHT home for that specific Poodle, and we believe and have found the right home is out there they just have to find us and we them and then it is a match made in heaven, you cannot and should never rush that. What is meant to be will be!

5. If you see that they have only young healthy dogs in their program, what is happening to all the other Poodles that they will not take. A GOOD rescue takes any Poodle if they have room, sick, blind or old, and is willing to take on these cases and work to get them well and adopted.
Rescue is not about picking and choosing the young and cute!!

6. We are one of the few Poodle Rescue groups that will take in a biting dog (if we have room) and put it into our rehabilitation program, housed and fostered with a certified trainer, please make sure that if your dog is a biter that you find the right place to surrender it so it does not risk euthanization if it was placed too soon, into the wrong home, or not professionally rehabilitated.

7. A rescue group should ALWAYS do a home visit of a potential adoptive home.
If the rescue group is not doing home visits EVERY SINGLE TIME they do not know where they are placing your dog. I have been to homes that I would not adopt a spider too and if the group does not do home visits EVERY TIME, DO NOT GIVE THEM OR TRUST THEM WITH YOUR DOG!!
We recently were told about a Poodle rescue group in a connecting state that had potential adopters take pictures of their home instead of doing a home visit.... really!

*How do they know that is the home of the potential adopter?

*How does the rescuer know there is not a 75lb Rotweiller in that home they did not photograph?

*How do they know that the fence is not broken and the neighbor has a prey driven Pitbull?

*How do they know the home is not filthy?

*How do they know......
There are just so many possibilities that it makes no sense not to do a home vist of potential adopters!
Not doing a home visit of potential adopters is just pure laziness, and is the sign of a poor rescuer, that could potentially put that/your Poodle at risk.

Check references, YOU choose a dog that has been adopted from their success stories (not one they give you to call) and call and speak to the people who adopted it and ask what was the proceedure for the adoption, to be sure that the dog you are giving up is going to go to the right home and one that has been visited and fully checked out. That is the whole point of using a Poodle rescue group to help your Poodle.
Don't be fooled by a nice website and sweet words, make the rescue back up what they say!
Ask if they have ever been thrown out of any other rescue organization for poor practices and behavior, because we know some who have! As there are good and bad people in this world unfortunately there are also good and bad, lazy rescuers! Just don't give your dog to them!

We believe in an open book policy here at Toy Poodle Rescue, we encourage you to give us the third degree before trusting us with your Poodle/dog and checking us out thoroughly and we will provide you with anything you want to do that. You can know though, we visit EVERY home, and travel hundreds of miles to make sure we know and see exactly where every dog is placed, prior to placing it, to do anything less would not be in the Poodles/dogs best interest. We check references and do due diligence in making sure every Poodle we adopt out goes to the right and best homes. Our reputation is well known, we are very picky and that is exactly what I would want for my own Poodles if I ever needed to give them up!
When we make a promise to a surrendering family regarding the surrender of their Poodle, we take that VERY seriously and we keep that promise.

We hope everyone will check references for themselves before handing over their dog to ANY rescue organization and not take anything for granted when they have to give up their Poodle, no matter what you are told.
Thank you. Sue (President)

Please read before filling out the surrender questionnaire.

Surrendering Your Dog

We understand at Toy Poodle Rescue the need to sometimes have to surrender a dog, we know it is not an easy process and we take every measure to make sure it is a stress less process for all involved.

For Toy Poodle Rescue to accept this dog into our organization we must know as much about the dog as possible. Please be honest about issues your dog may have. Many behavior problems can be addressed before attempting to place your dog. Without accurate information dogs may be placed in an unsuitable home and that increases the chance that the pet will be returned.

The information you provide will help Toy Poodle Rescue determine which foster home your dog goes to and what issues, if any need to be worked on. Toy Poodle Rescue does not guarantee any time frame for potential placement.

Toy Poodle Rescue is dedicated to the idea of every dog having a forever home and will do everything we can to make that happen. The process may take a while to find the perfect match but together we can hopefully achieve the best outcome for everyone involved. We will work with the surrendering party to what ever level you are comfortable with, letting you know how the dog is doing in their new foster home and what it accomplishes on an ongoing basis. We will give you the outline about the potential new family and how the dog settles into that home but we never exchange their personal information.

Our goal is to place this surrendered dog into a wonderful new forever home and give it a second chance.

Please fill out as much information as you know about the dog. If you don’t know the answer to the question, please put “unknown” or “n/a” in the space provided. If Toy Poodle Rescue accepts your pet into our rescue organization, they will need copies of any vet records you may have regarding the dog including vaccination records, spay/neuter certificates and health information.


Surrender A Dog Form