Toy Poodle Rescue
PO Box 274
Dover, MA 02030
Phone: 508-533-8251
8am-8pm EST every day

Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity. We do not have a facility you can visit all of our dogs are in local private foster homes. We adopt to connecting states to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. We do a home visit for every dog we place, we do not ship our dogs.

We Work Solely on Donations
Available Dogs

Thank You

A donation has been received from Vivien Eisenstat, in honor of the life and love of Mayzie

Message: This donation is in honor of the life and love of Mayzie Watson-Rosen.

In Memory of Rita Lonardo the Aunt of Diane Lonardo, donation have been received from

Jeanette Crisafi
Lewis Lindquist

A donation to help with Medical expenses from Laura and Joe Plunkett

Several Donations from an adopter and friend Pam and Gerry Vartigan-Tremblay

Several Donations from TPR'S Friend Christine Harris
Several Donations from TPR'S Friend Melanie PagliaruloSeveral Donations from TPR'S Friend Karen Lubitz

PCM Technologies Inc
Lisa Natalie
Cherie Baccari
The McDermids
Rebecca Dickson
Charlene Broadhurst
Katie Quinn-Kerins
Debra Kushner
Vivien Eisenstat
Karen-Ann Huntoon
Alice Fenoglio
Nancy Cahoon
Pam Boyer
Janet Towse
John Mooter
Christine Smith
James Kavo
Marie McCarthy
Jane Lutz
Nancy Herring
Patrice Hatcher
Amy Huntington
Sharon Sendra
Maria Arthur
Linda BjornJoanne Ronsivalli
Diane LaRocheC BornArlene Glasser
John Margardo
Patty DeMaria-Bocchino
Darlene Simpson
Natalija Zirojevic
Brenda Gallant
Adrian Demain
Diana Manuel
Jackie Schnell
David Schenfeld
Sheila HoffstedtKathryn Pickford
Mary Morgan
Sharon Morales
Jennifer Yee
Penny Peck
Amy Richard
Susan Ruder
Jill Rubin
Ellen Griffin
Susan Wainger

The Medgysey's in honor of Coconut

Paul Guzzi (Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce)

A donation in Memory and honor of Pepper a wonderful rescue boy, from
Laura and Joe Plunkett

Christine Harris - In memory of Spud, my best Poodle

Nicky McDermid


Donations 2012


Kathryn Pickford and Ginger Rinkenberger - with love Kate, Ginger, Izzy, Jellybean and Doodlebug
Richard Ogden
Jennifer Turner as a gift to Ashley Lundh
Pattie Demaria-Bocchino
Marilyn Wriede
Ronald Smith
Donna Vigoda in honor of Jeana of Jeana's Dirty Dog
Maureen Hart
Pam and Gerry Tremblay in honor of Dudley,Spencer and Cooper
Ms Jane Weir
Mrs J Pell
Ms Gena Galenski
Kendall Tucker-In honor of Genevieve
George Kovka - a Christmas gift for Melanie Pagliarulo his sister
Christine Harris - a wonderful supporter of Toy Poodle Rescue
Christine Hicks
Clare patterson
Melissa Tarentino
Diane LaRoche
Vanessa Kahn
Peter Carpenter and Maureen Hart
Bob and Martha Barnes
Joan Bushey in honor of her Dad Kurt Boerner
Stephen and janice Anderson, Princess and Grady
Joanne and Louis Ronsivalli In honor of Zivah
Linda and Don Bjorn and Rocket for Travis
David and Beverly McGinness
Lee Salerno
Carol and Anthony Ginnetti - In honor of Coco1
Laura and Joe Plunkett
Liz Palmer
The Bieniek's - in honor of Sasha
The Brehm's - in honor of Callie

  We received a very special donation from Ian Synge, this is what his Mom wrote to us. "My son saved this Money up from his allownace to donate to a charity and he selected your dog rescue after seeing the article in the Boston Globe yesterday"
We think that Ian is a very special boy and we thank him so much. Our bog today will be in honor of Ian.

We received a beautiful crocheted blanket from Kathy Eckelmann which we will be putting up for sale in the New Year-Thank you Kathy you are so good to Toy Poodle Rescue and we so appreciate all your hard and beautiful handmade work.

Christine Harris
Linda Harrison
Fred P Meyer
Teri Sharpe
William Gioiosa - In memory of Cricket and Peaches ourToy and Mini Poodles that we will always miss. Thanks for all your great dedication and hard work.

Continuing to thank our volunteers Judi Schoenburg and Susan Driscoll who have done wonderful fund raising for TPR. They have raised over $3,000 in their new fund raising effort selling their 'bling'. We also have to thank all the hospital employees that are feverously buying their 'bling'.
We are so proud and very grateful to have such wonderful volunteers. THANK YOU!!

Orlando Diaz

Donations have been kindly received in honor and memory of Alice Vartigan:
Pam and Gerry Vartigan-Tremblay
Anita and Dick Tremblay
Ms Nina Brooks
Aleyes and Geraldine Markarian
Richard and Margaret Kratlian
John and Jacqueline Kelley
Anna Markarian and Susan Poran and family
Dorothy Kohler
The McLain Family
Arlene and Carmelo Terrasi
Jean Bedrosian
Dickran and Geraldine Avigian
Steve Markarian
Bruce and Patricia Blanchard
Mr and Mrs. John Avigian and Joan Swayne
Steve and Gayle Wood
Maureen Walsh
Sandra DiMartino

We are so sorry for your loss and thank you for your donation in Alice's memory.

Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg, have raised over $2,000 to date selling 'BLING' at the hospitals they work at, we are so very grateful for such wonderful volunteers of Toy Poodle Rescue, you girls are amazing, thank you! Also to all the staff of Brigham and Women and Mount Auburn  Hospital's who so graciously purchased our wares to contribute to our doggies. Thank you!

Deborah Fallon - with love and poodle kisses from Emma T Pockets, Taffy Apple, Mary Poopins, Miss Vicki, Pixie (a poodle wanna be) and Debbie.  Thank you for your kindness!

Shelly Langen-David. Thank you!

Pam Vartigan-Trembley Dudley, Spencer and Cooper. Thank you!

Pauline Lane for the beautiful sweaters she has made for the Poodles. Thank you!

Nicky McDermid. For your numerous donations and also all the stamps. Thank you!

Stephen Anderson. Thank you!

Joan Bartlett. Thank you!

Leslie Madge. Thank you!


Alexandra Casiano - In memory of Onyx Chastanet

Our wonderful volunteers and fund raisers Judi Schoenberg and Susan Driscoll have done it again! They came up with a wonderful fundraiser and have been selling their wares at Brigham and Womens and Mount Auburn Hospital's. We want to thank all of the nurses and staff for buying your BLING's and contributing to Toy Poodle Rescue. So far your purchases have accumulated $750 in donations and we will be putting that in Zivah's piggy bank for her possible surgery. Thank you all so much, we are so grateful. 

WebSales.US A donation to Toy Poodle Rescue - Thank you!!

A generous donation from Alice O'Connor a long time Poodle lover and owner


We have the BEST supporters and I truly thank you so much, our donators are the people that keep us going. Thank you!

Vito Pagliarulo as a Christmas gift for Melanie his new bride
The Ford Family
The LaRoche Family
The Brehm Family
The Bjorn Family, a gift from Rocket
Leslie Parker
The Kreitzer Family
Richard Ogden
Marie Manning
Kathy Eckelmann sent us a huge box of crotched sweaters for the Poodles in honor of her Poodles Jack and Ruby Lee
Shelley Goes gave a donation in honor of Karen Karlsson and Buddy.
Tricia Bugg in honor of her Mom who loves Poodles
Liz Palmer - A long time rescuer and care giver of Poodles
Amy Huntington
Suzanne Brodie in Australia - In memory of Jean Connor her friend.
An anonymous donation - you know who you are and we Thank you.
Kate Pickford and Ginger - In honor of Doodlebug and all the Poodles
Susan Driscoll and all the Staff at Brigham and Womens Hospital that continue to buy doggie blankets made by Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg.
Judi Schoenberg and all the staff at Mount Auburn Hospital that continue to buy doggie blankets made by our volunteers, Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg. 
Patricia Dempsey - In honor of Angel
The Medgyesy's - In honor of Coconut
Vanessa Kahn
Susan McIver- In honor of Mr. T
Mark and Linda McCoy
Sally and Arthur Fortin - Sally sits for hours at her computer saving doggies all around the country. We have saved quite a few together.
Jean Dube - In honor of Emily
Jay Kerr - In honor of Bella and her syblings
Karen Ingwersen and the Plymouth Congrgational Church in Belmont, who sold A LOT of dog blankets to benefit our rescue and sent us a big check. We Thank all the children and Karen who took on helping our rescue. With Thanks to Judi Schoenberg for
Pauline Lane - sent some beautiful hand made sweaters in memory of Louise and Angie 


Thank you to our volunteers:
More blankets made and sold by our volunteers Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg
Donation from a volunteer, Susan McGiver from the sale of her bracelets that she gives a percentage to us.

A donation from Pam and Gerry Tremblay was given in memory of Timothy Doty (Timmy).
Timmy was a Poodle fan and had many Poodles throughout the years. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

Donation's from Lesley Allen in memory of Chloe, a beautiful Standard Poodle.

Donations in Gigi's honor have been received from:
Richard Ogden
Pauline Lane
Pam Vartigan-Tremblay

Thank you for your kindness, I so appreciate it. Sue.

Thank you you to Vanessa Kahn who crocheted a beautiful afghan blanket for us to sell or raffle off.

Thank you to Jacquelyn Pariseault, who made and sent us a huge box of beds to sell to benefit our Poodles, they are so well made and comfy.

A donation from Bev and David McGinnes in honor of Misty...thank you for your kindness.

A donation from Patty Demaria-Bocchino, thank you so much!

A donation from Gena Galenski, for our senior

A special Thank you to Susan McIver, Judi Schoenberg and Susan Driscoll who have made and sold so many bracelets to help benefit Toy Poodle Rescue and thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses who have purchased them to help us.

Donation in Honor of Houdini

Thank you to the Toy Poodle Rescue supporters who donated in honor of my Houdini. I was so touched and grateful for your generosity and support of my little guy. I am honored to know each and every one of you. I apologize for the lateness of this post but it was very hard to write. Thank you for your kindness to me. Sue.

Richard Ogden (The dogfather)
Pam Vartigan-Trembly
Pauline Lane

A huge THANK YOU to Judi Schoenberg and Susan Driscoll who are volunteers for Toy Poodle Rescue and do so much fund raising for us, we are so lucky and grateful to have you with us.

Katheryn Pickford and Ginger who have supported us continually, Thank you so much for your kindness to Toy Poodle Rescue, in honor of Izzy, Jellybean, Mouse and Doodlebug.

Donations were received from Richard Ogden, thank you so much for your kindness to Toy Poodle Rescue. Richard continues to regularly contribute to our rescue and we are so grateful to you. Richard owns and loves Poodles. 

A special thank you to Susan Driscoll and Judi Schoenberg who have made and sold so many blankets and have raised so much money for Toy Poodle Rescue, your kindness to us and our Poodles is overwhelming and we are so grateful. Thank you!!

Thank you to all the nurses and staff at Brigham and Women’s and Mt Auburn hospital who have donated by buying a blanket to help our cause.

A donation in remembrance of Chiyo Hood from Helen Haifley of Dogs By Day.

A donation from Martha and Bob Barnes, of beautiful artifacts and jewelry for us to sell to raise funds.

Thank you to Claire who has hand knitted poodles and blankets for us to sell to raise funds.

A BIG Thank you to Anna Kreitzer and her Mother Beth and her whole family. Also Anna's classmates from Bryant E. Moore School in Ms Sirois's and Mr Stackpole's class. Anna made our rescue a class project and all the children brought in their coins and dollars to contribute to our rescue, over $300 was raised. This was so kind of you to do that for us and our Poodles and we are so proud to know children with such big hearts. Way to go Bryant E. Moore School and Anna you are the best!!

Donations to Toy Poodle Rescue From:

The Coolidge Family
Angelynn Grant
Callie Currier
Lisa Belanger
Linda Coolidge
Judy Clifford
Shannon Soxman on behalf of Zoey Soxman
Nanette Condon in memory of my beloved companion of 18 years, Molly, a faithful friend to the very end.
Julie Discipio in memory of my little Maltese, Jason.
Christina Slattery - Toy Poodle Rescue Thanks you for your kindness but also for your service to us and our country.


Our senior program allows us to vet older dogs and place them in senior homes without asking for a donation fee.
Donations to our senior program from

John and Marsal Margardo in honor of Chelsea
Ellen Liner
Gena Galenski, thank you!

Thank you to everyone

We ALWAYS want Poodles to get adopted whether that be from our rescue or any other. If you need help with Grooming please call us and we would be happy to groom ANY Poodle for free to help get it adopted.
The better a Poodle smells and the cuter it looks, the better chance of adoption.